When your project is growing fast it could be a point where the company is really struggling to match resources with demand.

In a situation you need an advanced domain expertise, additional technical skills or capacity to complete jour project in time we deliver the services of integral team extension. According to your goals and business vision we offer fully managed dedicated team of remote IT-specialists (developers, data scientists, QA engineers, designers, etc.

Key advantages to augment your team with UDEV HUB:

Our expert teams contribute into the ecosystem, bringing proactive attitude, passion and a lot of expertise to enable consistent innovation.

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There is no shortage of technology applicants. The problem is attracting qualified candidates.

The average onboarding time for tech position is rising from year to year. Employees should plan is up to three months to add developers or research scientists to their team.
According to iCIMS Benchmark Report, 2019

We can become an integral part of your development team at any stage of the software development life cycle.

From the day one you will get the members of the team trained to integrate seamlessly into your development process to let it run smoothly and scale accordingly to meet delivery and timeframe goals.

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System integration


We believe the most successful partnerships in the tech industry based onto the ability of work as a cohesive team

With the all parties involved, understanding the business vision and implementing of the best business practices, linked to the global markets. It brings the outcome such as better end product and more satisfied customers together with the financial rewards of joint success.

To ensure cohesive architecture we continuously deliver to our customers

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Despite the time difference, Ukrainian development HUB communicates effectively with the client to ensure a smooth workflow. The team is professional, hard-working, and driven.
Head of Product, Calypso AI San Francisco, California

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