With the exponential growth in number of cyber security

threats and attacking tools powered by fast growing artificial intelligence, machine learning or robotic process automation technology base, the requirement for trustable solution provider to develop technically advanced cyber security solution is growing exponentially.
Small and medium-sized businesses' survey reveals that less than 1 percent do not have anyone dedicated to security. At the same time, an impressive 86 percent have clear metrics for assessing the effectiveness of their security, compared to 90 percent of large organizations.
According to Cisco, Cybersecurity Report Series

Executive leadership from all business verticals

are aware of huge potential risks that can make impact on their business such as theft of Information, distribution of public activities/services, disruption or destruction, reputation loss - these may damage the whole company or one of the departments.

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I've been most impressed with how deep their technical knowledge is in comparison to other companies.
Technical Director, Cybersecurity Consultancy, Oman

Executive leadership from all business verticals

Our cyber security team

consists of highly qualified security specialists, who continuously level up their skills and contribute the world's community of cyber security professionals. Such experience ensures our clients understanding the level of risk for their organization and continued high quality protection from key cyber risks.

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