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& Cloud Engineering Services
that makes business change faster, more flexible and more reliable. It removes cultural and organizational silos between key stakeholders and introduces a high degree of process integration and tooling automation within IT environments. Our DevOps experts have years of practical experience in driving successful cultural, process, architectural and technology change.
DevOps has emerged as an end-to-end IT delivery approach
UDEV HUB provides DevOps services to automate routine daily operations within the software development, testing and deployment processes.
DevOps & Cloud Engineering Services
DevOps as a Service
Tap into our extensive experience with infrastructure setup, CI/CD integration, application monitoring, and containerization.
providing fast growing start-ups and market leaders all over the globe with deep technological expertise while delivering cutting edge software solutions and IT business services
We are global software development company
Infrastructure as a Code
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When DevOps services become vital for your project
Developers Spend Too Much Time on Deployment
If your development team spends more time on deployment than software development, that's the first hint that you need DevOps as a service.

DevOps developers can set up continuous deployment as a part of a continuous integration workflow. This way, code releases will happen seamlessly from endpoints.

Facilitation of the deployment process becomes crucial during their agile iterations. Developers need to release software every two weeks, even if there are minor changes. With the help of the arranged environment, deploys, testing, and release to production can be provided automatically.

You Require a Reduction in Code Testing Costs
Code testing costs can't be measured accurately. Some analysts estimate them to be between 15 to 25% of the total project cost, but it can be as high as 50%.

Developers that offer DevOps services can help with setting up continuous testing, a system that provides automated feedback at every checkpoint and alerts if something fails to comply with the requirements.

While automating tests, it's important to understand that time and budget constraints can prevent you from automating every conceivable test. In this case, DevOps consulting can make a roadmap for test automation
Your Project Needs Support at the Production Stage
A project in production needs meticulous real-time monitoring of its vital indicators, such as loading time or user capacity, to improve the quality of an app before problems show up.

DevOps outsourcing guarantees 24/7 support regardless of the project's location. DevOps engineers detect and fix critical problems to mitigate any downtime. In the case of a complex solution with frequent releases and a high cost of downtime, DevOps services can save you money.

We can also advise, design, host and deliver cloud-based environments, whilst integrating into existing client architectures.
Major challenges for providers of devops services
Lacking Horizontal or Vertical Scaling
Start small and scale later. DevOps consulting helps plan peak capacities for building a scalable, on-premises infrastructure. While planning a project, DevOps engineers must deliver a structure that lacks reductant capacities and uses server or cloud services that provide needed features at the lowest possible price.

DevOps outsourcing allows planning an architecture that is effective in both horizontal and vertical scaling. For more complex projects, the architecture must be able to grow horizontally, with new resources to add and file system distribution while scaling. For smaller projects, vertical scaling with increased power can be sufficient.
Difficulty in the System Diagnostics
Most system failures are connected to lacking diagnostics. Continuous monitoring checks out the general system performance and embraces nodes, processes, memory, directories, and other parameters and processes. It can detect inefficiencies and alert on any vulnerabilities.

The key challenge to setting up a monitoring system is to establish the right metrics to control. DevOps outsourcing allows companies to benefit from professionals with wide expertise across different domains. These services cover configuration of the monitoring system, delivery of easy-to-use reports to prevent any data breaches or system failures, and choice of control metrics.
Lacking Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
If, from the very beginning of the software development, the project infrastructure didn't assume continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), it is possible that these processes won't be adopted. Since setting up of CI/CD is a one-time project, DevOps outsourcing can help.

By parameterizing continuous integration and continuous delivery, DevOps developers deliver a ready-made environment that enhances the deployment and testing processes. It speeds up deployments, automatically integrates them with other parts of the system, and tests them subject to multiple requirements.
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Our DevOps Toolbox
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The most substantial advantages of DevOps
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